Made from the best materials.


Non-Metallic and All Porcelain

Porcelain Jacket Crown (PJC)
Porcelain Laminate Veneers (PLV)
Porcelain Fused to Zirconia
          Lava by 3M-ESPE
          PFZ Generic Zirconia
All Zirconia (Bruxer)
          Lava Plus
          Zirlux Full Contour
          Generic BruxZir
          Maryland Frames and Wings
Pressed Ceramics

Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM)

Crown or Pontic
          Predominantly Base Allow (NP)
          Noble Alloy (SP)
          High Noble Alloy (P)
Classic Maryland Bridge (NP)
          One Pontic and two Wings
          Each additional Pontic
          Each additional Cast Wing
          Maryland Frames and Wings
Solder Connections
          Pre Solder
          Post Solder

Composites and Acrylics

Glass Filled Composite
Acrylic Temps
          Wire Reinforced
          Ribbon Reinforced
          Facings on Veneer Crowns

All Gold Restorations

Full Cast/Veneer Crown (plus facing)
          High Noble/Noble (plus alloy)
          Predominantly Base
          High Noble/Noble (plus alloy)
          Predominantly Base
Waxed and Cast Post & Core
          High Noble/Noble (plus alloy)
          Predominantly Base
Direct Casting
          High Noble/Noble (plus alloy)
          Predominantly Base


Full Denture: Setup & Finish (stock teeth)
Steele/Acrylic Partial (stock teeth)
Semi-Precision Attachment
Night Guards
          Hard Acrylic with ball clasps
          Soft Clear
Periodontal Splints
One Tooth Flipper
Custom Tray
Base Plate and Bite Rim


Survey and Parallel Factory Abutment
Custom Abuments
          Wax & Cast (plus factory parts)
          Atlantis (Zirconia, Titanium)
          BioMet3i (Zirconia, Titanium)
          Straumman (Titanium)
Screw Retained Crowns
          Screwed PFM
          Screwed PFZ
Surgical Stents
Hybrid Cases
CAD/CAM Roundhouses

Planning and Cosmetics

Custom Shade Taking (+/- 5 min.)
Custom Staining in lab (+/- 60 min.)
Survey and Design
Diagnostic Wax Ups
Evaluation and Recommendations

Models and Dies

Study Models
Epoxy Dies and Models
Tissue Models

What Others Have Said

  • "You made for me 6 procelain caps. The design the fit, the color, the sculpturing are as if God had regrown the teeth I had 45 years ago. Thank you for being a perfectionist and having the ability to meet such a standard."

    — Archibald F. (New York, NY)

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